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Ed's Comments, October 2013


Ed WonI would start by conjuring up images of fall and nippy weather, but it’s in the 80’s today and there’s no sign of that stopping for a few more weeks anyway.

What a wonderful summer! I hope you all enjoyed your summer spending time with family, friends and club activities. We started September with our track day at Thunderhill with some of us staying the extra day to run with Hooked on Driving’s Derric’s day to benefit Prostate Cancer cure. It was a nice relaxing day to reconnect with our track crowd and exercise our cars. As usual, HOD’s day was entertaining with the various auctions at midday, and all for a good cause.

I also heard some very nice comments about the fun times on Kay’s Chocolate and Wine tour. I had to miss that one but I’m looking forward to reading the write up. There were some very nice photo’s posted by Carlos Bocanegra of the tour, especially the pizza. If you see Carlos on a diablo outing, please say “Hi”. Carlos is one of our Diablo
club photographers. Kelly Guglielmo is another club photographer. Thanks to them for taking pictures and sharing with us.

Last night we had our annual Oktoberfest and it was a blast. This time we had the event at a community club house and it was wonderful and cozy. Thank you to Marc and Mary, and Ingrid and Ted for their hard work in making the event a huge success. There were so many delicious side dishes along with Brats, Turkey and Ham. Too bad it’s only once a year.

As we head in to October, there some changes to the calendar and you may have noticed a light October. Not to fear, the events are now all settled. Please keep a look out in the eblast for all the latest news. First, we will begin the voting process starting on October 5th. An email will come to you and take you to our online ballot. Thank you Steve for setting this up again; it really saves a lot of work!

On the second October weekend we have two display events for your Porsche. While they are not Diablo events, they are events that help our local charities. On Saturday, the Sentinels of Freedom will run their annual Veterans’ Victory Velo ride. The Cycling event benefits the Sentinels of Freedom and takes place at Bishop Ranch in San Ramon. If you would like to help out, come on down and display your Porsche as the riders return. A BBQ lunch, live band and activity booths will be open. All Display participants will get a free lunch and those that want wine, will get drink tickets.

On Sunday, Jack Carpenter is working with the folks holding Oktoberfest at Hacienda De Las Flores to put on a display of Porsches as part of the day’s events. If you can, please support efforts to preserve our local gems. If you would like to signup for the event, please contact Jack.

Diron Scott stepped up and setup not one, but two events on his first try at running an event. Thank you very much Diron! Diron setup a Diablo Group golf lesson and then the following week is a drive and tech session at FD Motorsports.

In other upcoming events, In November, Joan and Frank have a very nice drive and an elegant Sunday brunch at the Grand Island Mansion planned. We also have our track day at Laguna Seca on the Tuesday during Thanksgiving week. Believe me I’m giving thanks. All joking aside, Golden Gate Region has Laguna the two previous days and we are promoting the event jointly. You can run three days if you like, but I’m only doing two. I’m giving the car a break, from me.

We also will have the annual planning meeting in November as well. It’s not too early to think about what events you would like to see and lead some events you think your fellow club members would enjoy. Please keep an eye out for details.

As we head into the fall, I hope you all enjoyed the various events that we have offered in our club. You should thank our many members for their contributions. PCA Regions are made up of volunteers, and it’s through the efforts of the volunteers that we have so many wonderful events for all to enjoy. Being the President, I receive a number of emails from folks with comments and suggestions. Members from other regions comment about how active we are and how they like running with us. We welcome everyone to join us and experience the friendships and camaraderie our cars have brought us. As we continue to grow and maintain momentum, we need our members to pitch in and help. Many of the volunteers have regular jobs and are stretched thin. Please look for a “help wanted” in upcoming issues of the Advocate and help if you can. Thank you!

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