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Eventbrite - 3rd Annual Diablo PCA and Mercedes club drive.

Eventbrite - Mammoth High Alpine Tour (all regions)

Eventbrite - Let's visit the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) June 27th

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Ed's Comments, November 2013


Ed WonThe holidays will soon be upon us, but we are still very active. No hibernation here! We continue to press forward. First, I want to say thank you to the folks who took the time to vote and endorsed your candidates. I want to welcome back Adam Cipriano and Jeff Kreutzer back on the board for 2 years. They stepped in and served the vacancies left by two board members and have done a great job. I also want to welcome newly elected Diron Scott and Bob Hilton to the board. These two guys are a great addition to the board and I look forward to working with them in 2014, our club's 30th anniversary. Two members of the board, Tosh and Dale will be stepping down. Thank you for your service to the club for the last 2 years.


I hope you all had a great October, I know I did! We started the month with two display events back to back. Thank you all who participated in the Sentinels Victory Velo and the Hacienda De Las Flores Oktoberfest. Our displays help with publicity for our local charities. Thank you Jack Carpenter for the Oktoberfest event!

We also took a group golf lesson organized by Diron Scott. It's been a while for me since I had put my clubs away. I had built up quite a bit of muscle memory when I played golf regularly, but discovered there is such a thing as muscle Amnesia. I would love to say a few range balls and I'm back. But I would be lying to you. I watched players of all levels get re acquainted with the game. We had a fantastic time and golf pro Dane was excellent.

Diron is a very ambitious guy and I love that. He also set up a tech Session the following week at FD Motorsports. Hey Diron, you heard the phrase go big or go home? You are definitely going big. The owners Darin, Mark and Kellie opened up shop on a Saturday to serve us pizza, deliver tech talk and raffle off prizes. Thank you so much! We had a really great time learning about exhaust, bushings, short shift kits and other topics. They are also Diablo PCA members who are running an expanding  business born out of their Porsche passion. You talk to them for a few minutes and you immediately sense their passion and love of the Porsche cars.

Diron isn't done yet, on his own he setup a Veterans Day dinner at Brass Door restaurant on Veterans Day (RSVP available at Goodie Store) providing free dinner to our Diablo Vets. Everyone's invited to dinner you pay for yourself, come and enjoy the company of our own vets or just say thanks.

Remember we are not letting up! Coming up in November, we have DE 101/102 for Laguna Seca. Sorry, but Laguna Seca is sold out, but everyone can come to our introductory ground school whether you are signed up or not. Come check out our track program and meet the DE folks.

We also have a Porsche Pizza Planning Party. Your invite is in this issue of the Advocate. This is the event where folks bring ideas and schedule events for 2014. Come learn how we firm up our yearly event calendar, meet other folks, get help with and ideas/events and preview what's going on next year. I almost forgot the most important part, have fun and eat free pizza!

Frank and Joan are running the Grand Island Mansion tour that promises to be a great one. We sold out three times. The event was originally setup for 30 people. That quickly sold out and Frank went back to ask if the Mansion can accommodate more? Well it went from 40 to 50 and finally at the limit of the Mansion, 60 people.

Then, in the first part if a Thanksgiving week, PCA has Laguna lockup. Golden Gate region will run on Sunday and Monday. We will run on Tuesday. I'm running one GGR day and our day. I can hardly wait. What I love about PCA is the people as the slogan goes. Tim Smith is the GGR track chair and he has supported our program by helping with instructing our students. Dave Ogden from Sequoia Region is also coming to help us instruct and brought a few instructors too. Thank you! You guys are just awesome! Yes this is the same Dave who put on the Mammoth tour with Mark that simply wowed our members and me .

In December we have the annual Holiday party but at Bob and Christi Hilton's house. There will be a white elephant exchange along with a tour of Christmas lights/decorations

Then it all starts over again in 2014 with our annual Awards event at Blackhawk Museum. I hope to see you all soon at these events.

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