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Eventbrite - Sparkling Coast Tour Jenner, CA

Eventbrite - Diablo PCA Annual Picnic

Eventbrite - Paso Robles Tour, second annual

Eventbrite - Oktoberfest Oct 3rd 6:30 PM

Eventbrite - Sunday Brunch Grand Island Mansion

Eventbrite - DIABLO PCA NAME BADGES (color)


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Driver Education, January 2014


Driver EducationAs we leap into 2014, there are many DE enthusiasts with vivid memories of their driving experiences from 2013 still running through their minds, perhaps even popping up during dream time. Well, watch for announcements to be hitting your emails soon because there is a Thunderhill Track Day coming up in March. It should be up on soon. [Friday, March 21st. click here to register online. --Steve.]

The date for the DE 101/102 will be announced soon along with information regarding track inspections. As details get finalized, we will be sure to pass them along to you.

As you know, we are still searching for a DE Chair and we are very close to filling the position. We always need volunteers to help with the day’s activities, so let Adam Cipriano, our DE Registrar, know if you are interested in helping.

Thanks again to Mike Roberts for setting the blueprint for Diablo’s DE Program.

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