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Articles related to Driver Education in general, or DE events.

Driver Education, January 2013


Driver EducationFortunately, we passed the latest ‘end of the world’ day on December 21st without incident, so it means we can now think ahead to 2013...

We have track dates secured; Thunderhill on March 15th and Laguna Seca November 26th, as well as a second potential Thunderhill date on October 29th. It would be terrific if we could do these and more... to build on 2012 with our pre-event briefings, karting and other related activities to enhance the program.

Recently, we pulled together a group of members to discuss the feedback from our driver surveys, their experiences in 2012 and what Diablo DE strategy should be next year and beyond. We continue to see the nucleus of the DE program - the track events - as opportunities for Porsche drivers to experience safe, fast, fun.

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Driver Education, December 2012


Mike Roberts2012 In Perspective... It was a phone call earlier this year to Doug, the President. “Doug, I think we should try and get a Laguna Seca date for Diablo...we can always refuse it, but if we don’t try we will never have the option”. A few weeks later, I called again..”Doug, we got a Laguna date...”

In October 2011, I had volunteered to lead Diablo Club’s Driver Education program and saw it as an opportunity to reach a new vision. Going to Laguna demanded 50% higher participation compared with Thunderhill and the club taking on a significantly higher financial risk.

At first, it was challenging – DE Programs need a long runway, annual (or longer) planning cycles, which don’t easily fit Board process where half the officers change annually!

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Ten Questions About Driver Education


DE CornerUnderstandably, you may be interested, yet apprehensive about taking your Porsche on the track. Over three years since my first outing at Thunderhill (which I admit was actually in an Infiniti SUV!), I have frequently talked with friends about experiencing over 25 tracks days since. These are the top ten concerns they and I have shared – if any of these are bugging you, hopefully this will help provide answers.

So, if you hear yourself saying “I’d like to do a track day but….” - read on!


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Driver Education at Thunderhill, March 16th


Diablo will hold it's first Driver Education event of 2012 at Thunderhill Raceway Park on Friday, March 16th. You can download the complete flyer for this event here. (If you want to learn what happens at a DE, you can attend this evening presentation on Feb 22nd.) You will need to have your car inspected, and this inspection form completed by an approved inspector; free inspections will be held at Porsche of Fremont on March 3rd and Kahler's on March 6th (see flyer for details).

Registration opens at MotorsportReg.com on February 6th at $240 per person; after March 9th the fee is $260. This fee includes a buffet lunch in the Clubhouse and access to experienced instructors (beginners get priority). Note that there will be 5 full 30-minute sessions for each of three rungroups (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). This event will be limited to 60 cars total, so register early!

Note: The following Saturday and Sunday, Hooked on Driving will hold an event at Thunderhill. Those wishing to have a three day weekend of track time may wish to contact HoD.

Driver Education, November 2012


Mike RobertsThe most challenging part of the day is driving home...cruise control is set to ‘barely legal’, the night is dark and the bugs patrolling I-5 are out in force as they fly in to sacrifice themselves in the name of Porsche. The windshield is full of them – seeing out is getting increasingly challenging as my tired eyes are tempted to focus on the insects’ mass suicide right in front of me, rather than the monotonous regularity of the freeway.

Catching up with a couple of cars ahead, which have inevitably slowed because we have caught up with the usual SUV driver doing 50 mph in the fast lane as they struggle to overtake a laboring juggernaut on the right, Lewis Hamilton in a silver minivan dives up the inside of me and pulls in front with feet to spare, then hits the brakes. Thanks Lewis. I congratulate him with all the warmth my xenon full beams can muster. It’s probably petty of me - it was the sort of move that brings stewards’ enquiries...but not on I-5.

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Driver Education at Thunderhill on July 15th


Randy Thorsen gets a ride in a GT3Diablo Region will hold its second DE event of 2010 at Thunderhill on Thursday, July 15th. (Click here to see entire article with links to all forms.) Be sure to register early and save $$!

Remember, your car must pass a safety inspection before the event and two free inspection days have been organized. The first will be held at Porsche of Fremont on June 26 from 9AM to 1PM; the second will be held at Kahler's in Dublin on July 1 from 6PM to 8:30PM.

  • All forms and documents for this event are listed here
  • Flyer for the event is here
  • Event registration form is here
  • Tech Inspection form is here
  • Day-of-event schedule is here

If you have DE-related questions please direct them to our Track Chair Luis Soler <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>, or to our Registrar Mike Ciopyk <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.

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