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Articles related to Driver Education in general, or DE events.

Driver Education, October 2012


Mike RobertsWe are ready for Thunderhill (10/29) and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (11/19 ), continuing the format we adopted in 2012, providing relaxed, friendly, fun and safe events for both students and instructors.

It’s great to see many who came to run with us in March returning for both events. Parts of our formula include limiting the overall size of our events to 60 drivers, and our run groups to under 25. It’s like a private track day, only much less expensive! As a Club, we can keep the cost reasonable for all, yet still provide a good lunch and bottled water for everyone through the day.

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Driver Education, August 2012


Mike RobertsFall Track Activities - The Countdown Begins

August already? Less than 10 weeks until our next DE event – an evening presentation and track introduction (DE101) before our autumn track event at Thunderhill on 10/29, only 12 weeks away (look out for final details coming soon)!

We have opened Thunderhill and Laguna Seca (11/19) track events for sign-ups at motorsportreg.com (instructions on creating an account are here). Both events are limited to 60 cars to ensure loads of track space and time.

It pays to start thinking about your car in plenty of time, to monitor its needs in advance. Tires, brake pads and other parts sacrifice themselves for our fun, but wear out over time. They can be expensive and inconvenient if you have to change them at the last minute. Tires are easily visible so most people know when they are getting low, but brake pads and rotors take a bit more inspection.

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Driver Education, September 2012


As I write (well, type), we already have more than 20 people signed up for Thunderhill in October and over 30 for Mazda Laguna Seca in November. We are now wait-listing the beginner group at Laguna Seca (although a few places may yet open up, should we have cancellations or an unusually large team of instructors, so if you have not yet registered, go ahead - there still may be a good chance of getting in).

Thunderhill is also filling nicely and overall it looks like we will have a great turnout at both events. Don’t forget, Diablo limits the number of cars at our track events to 60, to keep them fun, friendly, relaxed and safe. So don’t procrastinate if you want to take part. Sign-up via www.motorsportreg.com

Directly following our event at Laguna Seca on 19th November, GGR have their two days (20th & 21st), so you could run three consecutive days with PCA Clubs if you wish...

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Fall Driver Ed Events Coming Up


Diablo has a busy DE schedule for Fall of 2012! Monday, October 29th we'll be at Thunderhill (flyer here, or register online). And on Monday, November 19th we'll have our first day ever at world-famous Laguna Seca (flyer here, or register online)!

Drivers may schedule free tech inspections by making appointments with either Porsche of Fremont (Oct 15th-19th 8AM-2PM, or Oct 20th 9AM-1PM - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Kahlers Werkstatt (Oct 17th 5:30PM-8:30PM, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 925-829-2050).

Have questions? Contact Mike Roberts, Diablo's DE Chair via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or read past DE articles.

Driver Education 101, February 22nd


Wondering what this "dee eee" stuff is all about? A Driver Education overview and orientation session will be held on Wednesday, February 22nd starting at 6:30PM in Tom Davenport's offices in Walnut Creek. Download the flyer here. Attendees will learn things like:

  • How to prepare your car
  • What actually happens at the track
  • Introduction to terminology and theory
  • Hear people's first DE experiences

This evening session is free to attend.

Driver Education, July 2012


It’s summer. The F1 season is well under way. It’s fascinating this year and I just watched Vettel break down and Hamilton crash out in Spain...we watched a similarly exciting finish on June 12th after a gripping race when Lewis Hamilton came through to win for McLaren.

We were at Club Auto Sport with a bunch of Diablo members and friends – you have probably seen the pictures on Facebook already, but we saw some interesting and rare cars including a Mosler and an Iso Grifo, of which there were only 413 made - Italian lines with a big old Chevy V8. Very rare!

At the event, we met some new members who are interesting in bringing their Porsches out to the track. We look forward to seeing them at our next Driver Education events.

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