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Articles related to Driver Education in general, or DE events.

Watch Canadian Grand Prix live at Club Auto Sport


Photo by wobble-san (Flickr)The DE Team has reserved Club Auto Sport in San Jose for a viewing of the F1 Canadian Grand Prix, live as it happens, on Sunday, June 10th! Click here for the flyer, and click here to register to attend. Fee of $35 includes admission to the stunning collection of exotic cars, full buffet brunch, and live viewing of the race starting at 11AM. Limit of 50 people for this event, and registration will close on June 7th or as soon as it fills up. You don't have to be a PCA member to attend, but you must register in advance. Other regions welcome! This event is being supported by Porsche of Livermore.

Diablo is now using  MotorsportsReg.com to offer online registration for this and many other events. There are instructions here for those who need to create an account.

Driver Education, May 2012


Today, I saw a Cayman. It seems a million miles away…not just 5,300. I’m in the UK, the country I lived in until just under 14 years ago.  The weather is grey  – nothing new there. And in the small market town where I grew up, on the borders of Wales, little has changed.

But, the cars - they have changed. Picking up my Hertz rental at the airport, the guy at the counter explained that it was a Mitsubishi ASX. Oh really? What’s that? He didn’t know the color, telling me to ‘press the remote and look for the lights to flash’. Not so easy, because when I emerged into the (unmanned) rental car lot, there were three long lines of cars, of many makes and colors yet very similar looking models. It was raining very hard and I was dragging a suitcase across the wet asphalt. Tired, jet lagged, hungry and increasingly desperate, I walked the lines clicking the remote like a lost Star Trek character when his ‘beam me up’ fails.

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Driver Ed 101, Oct 13th and Nov 7th


Driver EducationWill you be attending your first DE event in October or November? Then you should plan to attend a DE 101 session where you can find out what to expect. And if you're just curious, come on out and get the inside story!

  • October 13th DE 101 in Pleasanton (Recommended for the Oct 29th Thunderhill event)
    9AM to 1PM at the Pleasanton Cultural Arts Center at 4477 Black Avenue, Pleasanton.
  • November 7th DE 101 in Walnut Creek (recommended for the Nov 19th Laguna Seca event)
    6:30PM to 9PM at the Civic Park Community Center Lounge, 1375 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek.

No sign-up is necessary for these events. See you there!

Driver Education, April 2012


So, we have this huge, open parking lot at a premier US racetrack, a bunch of cones and some fast cars. Think we can have some fun with that??? At Infineon…Thursday, May 17th, we team up with Hooked On Driving who are running their HPDE event on the track that day…David Ray and his team have graciously offered us the opportunity of a Car Control and Track Experience event in the paddock while their event is in progress. [Editor: Sorry, that event was canceled by Infineon.]

You will be able to (urged to) turn the traction control (PSM) off! Even if you run on track, you may not know what happens when you brake so hard the ABS kicks in, or corner so hard that the back end breaks away, or you try and turn a fast left/right/left. It’s useful to find out. You never know when someone will do the unexpected in front of you on the freeway, or on any other road – and that’s not the time to learn!

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Driver Education, March 2012


Confessions of a DE Day addict…

Is it just me, or…are my DE Track Day compulsions taking hold? Every time I look at my tires, the tread seems to vary…sometimes it seems like they have plenty of wear left, sometimes they look worn on the outside. So I turn the steering wheel to full lock to make sure I can see the whole tire.

But the rears are harder to see…and my brakes – it’s a while since I looked at the pads. They must be worn by now…and I need them to have at least 50% left to go to Thunderhill…so I take the wheels off one by one so I can see both sides of the pads – and inspect all of the tires.

And then when I’m driving the car – is it pulling to the right or is it the rough patch of road I’m on? Do I need an alignment? The camber levels out  – it feels OK now. But them I’m on rougher road again, and the Carrera’s steering wheel starts to dance in my hands, like the front wheels are square. Are they out of balance? But it’s OK, it was another random challenge on the variable road surface testing ground, which most people know as ‘The 580’.

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Driver Education at Thunderhill on Sept 17th


Randy Thorsen gets a ride in a GT3Diablo Region will hold its third DE event of 2010 at Thunderhill on Friday, September 17th. (Click here to see entire article with links to all forms.) Be sure to register early and save $$!

Remember, your car must pass a safety inspection before the event and two free inspection days have been organized. The first will be held at Porsche of Fremont on August 28 from 9AM to 1PM; the second will be held at Kahler's in Dublin on September 1 from 6PM to 8:30PM.

  • All forms and documents for this event are listed here
  • Flyer for the event is here
  • Event registration form is here
  • Tech Inspection form is here
  • Day-of-event schedule is here

If you have DE-related questions please direct them to our Track Chair Luis Soler <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>, or to our Registrar Mike Ciopyk <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.

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