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Two Laps of Thunderhill

Details Here we have two laps of Thunderhill Raceway Park. One of Mike Roberts driving in 2012, showing full instrumentation. The other from 2010 in a 997S. Enjoy!

The 2.7 Carrera RS


Porsche Experience TV presents a review and test drive of one of Zuffenhausen's most sought-after road-going cars of the 70s at the Porsche Experience Centre in Silverstone with chief driving consultant Gordon Robertson. Click on the Read More button to view the video, or click here to open the video in a new window.


Racing. Not posing.


With SUVs, sedans, and failed takeover bids getting a lot of attention in the Porschesphere these days, it's easy to forget what best defines the brand. They make drivers' cars, and they're meant to be used as such. This video from Porsche's YouTube channel reminds us why we have that beast parked in the garage...


Porsche's "60 Years" Video


Some members may not be familiar with the long tradition of iconic cars produced by Porsche since their founding as an independent automaker. This video is a bit like a highlights reel, but without the annoying ESPN-style commentators. I think the cars say everything that needs to be said...




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