By: Ingrid French, Historian

Who would have thought that the present “Diablo Region” would have started at the Denny’s in Walnut Creek (now the Buttercup Grill)?  There were a number of members of the Golden Gate Region that lived in the East Bay that got together periodically for breakfast. After several “get togethers”, it was decided that they should apply for a charter for the East Bay through PCA National. There was no animosity; it was just that as the East Bay area grew they felt it would be better to be able to have activities closer to home. On February 18, 1984, the charter was approved by the Executive Council of Porsche Club of America after the Golden Gate Region released the names of those members that wanted to transfer to the new region. The name became DIABLO REGION, PORSCHE CLUB OF AMERICA. The members of the club would come from the following counties, Alameda, Contra Costa, and Solono(which is still the case). The original charter consisted of 37 members (35 members from Golden Gate Region and 2 new members). This number included associate members because at that time they were included with the primary members. As days and months went by more members transferred or joined. Bill Packwood and Tom Martenot were charter members and continue to be members of Diablo Region. John Clever was one of the original charter members as well as being the first President of the Diablo Region. After his death in 2001 Diablo Region created an award for an outstanding member. The award was given the name “The John Clever Award” and is given out at the annual awards luncheon, but not necessarily every year. Diablo has grown to a membership of over 1,300 members including associates. Talk about coming back to where you stated from. As time went by we met at other restaurants (Cocos, Denny’s, Marie Calendars) until we got too big for the location or more often than not, the restaurants closed. Diablo Region still meets at the Buttercup Grill every Saturday of the month for breakfast. We are the only region in PCA that meets weekly. We have certainly come a long way!!!!!